Our Sister Companies

In terms of waste disposal, tipper hire and excavation needs, M Jones Road Haulage is a highly respected and trusted service provider in South Wales.

As we are a family-run enterprise, establishing working relationships with all of our Caerphilly customers is a top priority. We are also known for the flexible solutions that we provide. This enables us to cater to discrete needs while staying within budgets and predetermined time frames. This is partially due to the fact that we are partnered with 2 well-known sister companies. From recycled waste to general disposal projects, such levels of efficiency cannot be overstated.

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A Multi Faceted Operation

M Jones Road Haulage Ltd specialises in a number of industry-specific areas with the ultimate intention of providing a wide range of choices. This will help to avoid the costs and confusion associated with contracting additional third parties. Some examples include:Crushing and screening services.

  • Top soil distribution.
  • Providing a wide array of recycled products.
  • Demolition and excavation.
  • Hazardous waste removal.

In other words, we are the “one-stop-shop” in terms of general construction services. When these options are then combined with an ability to work with sister companies, the advantages to the Caerphilly client become clear. However, there are a host of other reasons why our road haulage solutions are frequently chosen over other competitors.

Selecting M Jones for Targeted Requirements

We always make it a point to deal directly with the decision makers involved with a certain operation. This helps to cut down on confusion while overall levels of communication can be dramatically increased. Such an approach provides clear options for the customer. He or she is therefore able to better understand the logistics behind the task itself. Our staff is highly experienced and they will keep customers informed along every step of the way. From aggregate crushing and screening to the removal of on-site waste in the most efficient manners possible, there are very few tasks which cannot be addressed. Finally, the inclusion of sister companies helps to centralise project planning and oversight.

Our organisation has enjoyed a respected presence throughout Caerphilly for a number of years and we are always pleased to work with new customers. Should you require flexible services at amenable prices, we are always pleased to be of assistance. Kindly contact us at your earliest possible convenience to fully appreciate what we can offer.

Why Choose Us?

  • Long established family run business
  • We tailor the service to your requirements
  • Deal direct with the decision makers
  • Experienced, helpful & knowledgable staff
  • Part of a group of sister companies allowing a better range of services