Hazardous Waste Disposal Cardiff (South Wales)

Looking for a reliable contractor for hazardous waste disposal Cardiff (South Wales)? We understand the importance of dealing with a reliable and licenced contaminated waste contractor. Ultimately it can save you time and money while ensuring the job is done properly and that the contaminated waste is disposed of correctly.  As a result, M. Jones Haulage is the preferred partner for hazardous waste management in South Wales.  Specialising in the removal of contaminated soils and bulky waste, we are the leader in removal and disposal of hazardous waste. If you need hazardous waste removal services, why not give us a call. We are a licenced hazardous waste carrier and offer value for money.

Affordable Hazardous Waste Management

As part of a group of sister companies, we offer an affordable solution for all your contaminated waste. Whether you are dealing with asbestos or contaminated soil, we can help. With the knowledge, qualifications and experience to remove and dispose of hazardous waste effectively at a low cost, we are the number one choice for hazardous waste removal South Wales. Included in the price is a site survey and free waste disposal quotation.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal South Wales

Discovering asbestos in either a commercial or domestic renovation or demolition project can be alarming.  The first step is to call us. We are a licenced asbestos disposal company and can remove and dispose of hazardous asbestos safely and efficiently.  Whether you have uncovered old roofing tiles or pipe insulation, our fully trained asbestos technicians are always here to help.

There is little room for error in regards to this type of project, so we will make our strategies regarding asbestos removal and disposal clear with the decision makers from the very beginning. We also abide with the 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations. Our staff undergo ongoing asbestos training and as a result, you are assured you are dealing with a fully qualified asbestos removal company. This guarantees that all particulate matter is handled in the most appropriate ways. Once again, we will communicate with our customers throughout every step of the project and all of these operations will be concluded in a timely fashion.

 Contaminated Soil Removal


If you are searching for a reliable contractor for the removal of contaminated soils, speak to the experts at M. Jones Haulage. With a reputation of being a leading contaminated soil removal company in South Wales, we are the preferred partner as we have a proven history of working on large scale contracts for a recognisable client base. Our contaminated soil removal costs are affordable and we can also provide asbestos-contaminated soil removal.

Contact us for Professional Hazardous Waste Disposal Cardiff (South Wales)

If you require a waste disposal contractor for the removal of hazardous waste contact us. We are fully licensed to handle all kinds of hazardous waste and have the qualifications and skills to offer a fast and efficient service.